JMatch Sort v1.4.2 + RTL

A drag-and-drop categorisation exercise by Agnes Simonet with Hot Potatoes JMatch.

The add-on creates a drag-and-drop categorisation JMatch exercise with HotPotatoes - a wonderful addition to the range of exercises possible with HotPotatoes that many people have wanted. Categories are dynamically created. Possible shuffling and limited items each time the page is loaded.

Linnaeus: new source code

What is Linnæus

Linnæus is an application/interface (by Fabien Olivry) for creating a categorization (classification) type of interactive exercises using a javascript file (Drag and drop to columns - quiz script) from www.dhtmlgoodies.com (by Alf Magne Kalleland).

My contribution

I used the latest (as of 20 Oct. 2013) version of the javascript file and created my own source file. The script is slightly modified - some code that is not used in the exercise is removed, added navigation buttons, rounded corners and dropshades, fluid design. There's a hard-coded 'Back' button! Although the look and feel is partly based on Hot Potatoes, the exercise is not created with Hot Potatoes, but Linnaeus!

RTL galore

Due to increasing demands from users of Hebrew and Arabic I learned more about RTL and BiDi.

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