JMatch Sort v1.4.2 + RTL

A drag-and-drop categorisation exercise by Agnes Simonet with Hot Potatoes JMatch.

The add-on creates a drag-and-drop categorisation JMatch exercise with HotPotatoes - a wonderful addition to the range of exercises possible with HotPotatoes that many people have wanted. Categories are dynamically created. Possible shuffling and limited items each time the page is loaded.

Known issues:

  • an advanced warning - the same category must be written the same way. Do not mix lower and uppercase letters for the same category. That is, Birds, BIRDS, and birds will produce three different categories
  • If you choose to show only a certain number of items each time the page loads, it just happens sometimes that items from fewer categories (2 or 3 out of 4 or more) are chosen randomly, therefore not all categories will show in the exercise – do NOT worry, this is NOT a bug, but expected behaviour.

See a demo categorisation exercise (Practice mode with Fixed item, Shuffling on, Limited number of items when page loads, auto height and width of categories).

RTL version available. See a demo exercise in Hebrew

Download from the Add-ons section

Status: Final (tentatively)
To do:
- make it part of Moodle add-ons HotPot, QuizPort and TaskChain

- Fixed draggable card

- Auto-highlight of wrong items (practice mode)
- background colour of wrong items configurable from Link color
- background colour of Categories configurable from Vistited Link Color
- Categories boxes height (dragHeight) default value 150px, configurable from [strUserDefined1]
- Fixed width of Categories boxes configurable from [strUserDefined2]

- Test mode or Practice mode with automatic highlighting of wrong items with [strUserDefined3]
- DC (dragHeight) holds the total number of items, height configurable from [strUserDefined1]
- distance between DC and draggable cards at 30px;
- RTL version

- English interface file

- category boxes hold all correct in the biggest category + 1
- equal width of category boxes, either category or item, whichever longest
- strUserDefined2 moved from css to the js file

- Fixed a bug with overlapping items if 3 or more items in a given category are Fixed

v.1.4.2 - final (tentatively)
- Project renamed JMatch_Sort v1.4.2, to better reflect the type of learning activity.
- category boxes hold the number of items in the biggest category; equal height; modifiable with strUserDefined1
- fixed a bug in Scoring when all items are fixed and Check is pressed
- fixed margin of Timer in the css
- updated English and French interface .hif files
- updated Instructions


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