Hacking Hot Potatoes: The Cookbook

Hacking HotPotatoes: The Cookbook

Hacking Hot Potatoes: The Cookbook

The title of the first book about Hot Potatoes. Available in three versions:
- PDF (good for desktops, and the best buy)
- ePub (good for Android tablets, iPads and iPhones)
- a Print-On-Demand hard-copy, full-colour paperback edition (for connoisseurs).

css3 Facelift Responsive in Preparation (beta pre-release)

Given the ever bigger demand for mobile delivery of eLearning content, I'm preparing the css3_Facelift_Responsive with enhanced layout for small-screen devices such as smartphones and tablets (7", 8") and iPad mini. Look at the wireframe and the screenshot of what it will look like on such screens.

1000 downloads of css3_Facelift

Some time in early December css3_Facelift hit 1000 downloads!
Great for a piece of 15KB which is 18 months old (then).

I'm also pleased to see that people use it in Moodle, and in their own software too, like Alan Hess in his interactive eBooks on S4L, Stories 4 Learning.

Holiday sale extended

The holidays are over but the sale is extended until January 31st, 2014!


Hurry up!

tt_Facelift v1.1 for TextToys Web Rhubarb and Web Sequitur available

An update for TextToys - Web Rhubarb and Web Sequitur - CSS3 facelift is available. tt_Facelift v1.1 can be downloaded from the Add-ons.

Some placeholder were appearing in the output files.

Thanks to Glenys Hanson for reporting this.


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