RTL galore

Due to increasing demands from users of Hebrew and Arabic I learned more about RTL and BiDi.

As a result I released two hybrid versions - Virtual pagination in the Reading and Glosses with JCloze, JQuiz and JMatch standard output (VPG_v3_RTL) and Virtual pagination and Glosses in the main exercise of JCloze (VPG_v3_jcloze_main_RTL). The [strUserDefined] placeholders in the config file are used to declare the page language (Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Malay, etc.) so the 'Previous' and 'Next' button labels of the virtual pagination can be just typed in the RTL language. If left blank, those buttons will show only the left and right pointing arrows. This version makes entering data easier and requires no code editing. Read carefully the instructions (pdf) included in the zips. Download from the Add-ons section.

Update 3 Oct. 2013
Ported for RTL languages:
- Agnes Simonet's JMatch horizontal dragdrop exercise enhanced with audio glossing
- Michael Rottmeier's Find-it v3.2a RTL (Type1 exercise) with custom interface and config files for easy data input


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