JMatch Sort v1.4.2 + RTL

A drag-and-drop categorisation exercise by Agnes Simonet with Hot Potatoes JMatch.

The add-on creates a drag-and-drop categorisation JMatch exercise with HotPotatoes - a wonderful addition to the range of exercises possible with HotPotatoes that many people have wanted. Categories are dynamically created. Possible shuffling and limited items each time the page is loaded.

RTL galore

Due to increasing demands from users of Hebrew and Arabic I learned more about RTL and BiDi.

Audio glosses v2 add-on

Completely rewritten, ready-to-use out-of-the box Audio glosses v2 add-on for creating audio glosses with JQuiz, JCross, JCloze gap-fill and dropdown output, JMatch standard, JMatch dragdrop output and JMatch Flashcard format in HotPotatoes. Featuring the css3_Facelift too. The instructions are in the zip.

For JMix dragdrop there's a separate add-on Audio Glosses with JMix dragdrop v1.

Virtual pagination Chunking v2

I've completely rewritten the virtual pagination chunking. Instead of creating your own modification, you can now download v2 as this out-of-the box ready-to-use add-on for creating virtual pages with JQuiz, JCloze and JMatch in HotPotatoes. The instructions are in the zip. Download below or from the Add-ons section.

As easy as 1-2-3:
1. download and unzip,
2. input data,
3. press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S to export the exercise.

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