Unit Grammar Reading Vocabulary Listeninig
1 Verb to be positive
  I'm from ...
  He's a student
Short and long forms
Possessive adjectives
  my, his, her
Countries and nationalities
Everyday objects
  a bag, a chair
  What's this in English?
Possessive 's
Family relationships
  Lisa's son; daughter
Introducing oneself and others
Short dialogues
  I'm Pete. What's your name?
  This is Sam.
  Where is she from?
2 Verb to be questions
  General and Special questions
  Question words
  Making questions
   - What's her first name?
  Questions - Word order
Negative form
  A postcard
  Erica Johnson
  "My brother"
Plural of nouns
  bags, wallets
adjectives; opposites
  big - small
  at school, on holiday
  I'm a nurse
  Hello! Goodbye.
Listen and repeat
Respond to a greeting
3 Present Simple
  he/she/it -
  Special questions
  General questions
  Word order
Multiple choice
  What to wear on TV
  Inga, a zoo keeper
Jobs and activities
  a pilot flies a plane
The days of the week
Colours and shades
  red, ligh blue, dark green
4 Adverbs of frequency
  Word order
  at home, with my parents
Multiple matching
  Giancarlo Zema
Free time activities
  -ing, sports
  like doing
  play or go with sports
  the seasons
The months of the year
  Listening and pronunciation
5 The clock
  Telling the time
Around the home
There is/are
Un/Countable nouns
some / any
Multiple choice
  Understanding signs
  Winter driving
In the house
  furniture and objects
  International words
Travelling - Dialogues
  At the information office
  At the ticket office
6 can / can't
could, was / were
Verb to be
  present or past
Multiple choice
  The IceHotel
  Ainsley Harriot
  Everyday objects
  Cutlery and appliances
  Manor House Museum
  The Language Study Fair
7 Past Simple - regular
  The birth of the WWW
  Pronunciation of -ed ending
  Forming the negative
Past Simple - irregular
  Question words
  Word order
Multiple matching
Short biography
  Pablo Picasso
Presenter profile
  Susie Fowler-Watt
Regular verbs
Irregular verbs
  went - didn't go
Note taking
  Elwood Food Market
  Tropical Islands resort in
North Germany (Part 1 & 2)
8 Would like
  + un/countable nouns
How much / many
a(n), some, any
Multiple choice
  A letter
Multiple matching
  Travel books
a(n), some, any
Food and drink
  some milk, a potato
Fruits and vegetables
  Riding Holidays
Multiple choice + True-False
  Queen Elizabeth turns 80
9 Degrees of comparison
  Comparative and Superlative
  Regular and irregular
  more interesting, the most boring
  bigger than, the tallest
  less, the worst
  (not) so/as big as
The New York City Subway -
Under the Big Apple
  The Subterraneans -
  Life on London's Underground

Multiple choice -
  Understanding reports
  Child labour
Transport and travelling
Comparative adjectives
- opposites
  TreeHouse Company
Multiple choice
  TV Diary
10 Future Simple
  I'll get it!
be going to
  I'm going to be a doctor.
  will or going to
Tim, aged 10
  I'm going to play ...
  I'm not going to marry.
The weather
  weather adjectives +
  will and going to
Multiple matching
  Future plans

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