Each software has a learning curve and requires some time getting used to working with the application. To minimize the effort and help both teachers and learners to focus sooner on the learning of the material rather than learning the user interface, read these Instructions.


All our eWorkbooks are standalone applications and do not need installation; simply download and run them.

» Navigation
The eWorkbook is a compilation of interactive web pages so they display in the default browser. Thus, use your browser navigation methods. The main navigation method is by clicking on the Unit links to go to the respective Unit in the section, and the exercise buttons to move from one exercise to another within a Unit.

» The Toolbar
The Toolbar offers alternative navigation through the Back, Forward, and Contents buttons, as well as some other tools explained below.
Screenshot: toolbar and searching

» The Toolbar buttons
   » The Back button functions like a browser 'Back' button and takes you back to the page you last viewed. Note that, if, by mistake, you press any of the 'Back' buttons, all the information you have entered will be cleared and you will return to a new exercise.
   » The Forward button will take you one page forward after you have clicked on the Back button.
   » The Reload button reloads/refreshes the contents of the page you are currently viewing.
   » The Contents button will take you to the very first page, wherever you are in the eWorkbook.
   » The Search button will open a sidebar on the left allowing you to search the current page or the entire eWorkbook. Type in a keyword or phrase in the textbox; a list appears. Click on the title of the page you want to display. (see the screenshot)
   » The Exit button will close the eWorkbook.
   » Clicking on the Send e-mail image in the top right-hand corner will open your default e-mail programme to send a message if you need support, have questions, or just want to comment on using the eWorkbook. Feel free to do so.

» The Exercise buttons
As mentioned above, the « Back button works in the same way as the toolbar 'Back' button in your browser . The Next » button will take you to the next exercise; and the Index button will take you to the Contents page.

Depending on which exercise you are doing, you see different button lables like Clue-Clue, Help, Hint, Show answer. These will offer help in some way - either a letter or some information to help you, or the correct answer(s). Note that, if you click on these buttons, points are taken from your total score.

Doing the exercises

For optimal learning experience the following example procedure is recommended:
1: Read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand what exactly is required to complete the exercise.
2: Do the whole exercise, do not leave unanswered questions, make an intelligent guess.
3: Press 'Check' if there is such a button. If you have incorrect answers, look at them, analyze why they are wrong and think about what exactly needs correction.
4: Then correct your mistakes. Make as many attempts at the exercise until you get all the answers correct.

Remember, this is not a testing tool; it is a learning tool and the process of arriving at the correct solution by analyzing your performance, self-monitoring and self-correcting, and making intelligent guesses is considered more important and more effective when learning.

Good luck! Enjoy learning English with our eWorkbooks!

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