Facelift Responsive

Facelift Responsive v1.3 (with Responsive Masher), is the successor of css3_Facelift.
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HotPotatoes Facelift Responsive

Facelift, no-Facelift, or both - Poll

The Hot Potatoes Add-ons on this site are all 'Facelifted'. Some discussion I've had suggested that there may be people who would prefer the add-ons with the old look of HotPotatoes, and I've decided to ask, although I'm reluctant to maintain two versions of each add-on. Hence, the poll.

Comments are welcome below the poll form.

Quandary Facelift

After the facelift of HotPotatoes and TextToys - Web Rhubarb and Web Sequitur - with CSS3 comes the Quandary q_Facelift v1.0. Download it from the Add-ons section.

Look at the demo maze - The 'Participle Clauses' Magic

TextToys - Web Rhubarb and Web Sequitur with a Facelift

After the HotPotatoes facelift, it was now time to do up TextToys - Web Rhubarb and Web Sequitur - with a CSS3 facelift. tt_Facelift v1.0 can be downloaded from the Add-ons.
Look at the screenshots and the two demo files:

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