css3_Facelift - Modern mobile looks for your HotPotatoes


Status: Retired 24 Mar 2016. See the successor Facelift Responsive. This page is only for reference.

I've heard some people comment on the looks of HotPotatoes exercises; that they look very old fashioned. Indeed, their layout was designed quite a while ago. However, with some smart CSS you can give them great modern 'iLooks'.

I tweaked the original CSS and I offer you the custom file for download from the Add-ons section css3_Facelift v1.5. The zip contains a Howto pdf. To get an idea of the new looks of the HotPotatoes exercises created with the new stylesheet, see:

Of course, the colours are entirely your choice.


24 Mar 2016 08:20 css3_Facelift - status Retired.
See the successor Facelift Responsive.

v1.5 - css3_Facelift
- v1.5.2-Fixed a bug (appearing in Opera and IE) in the border of the input text field
- v1.5.1-Fixed a bug (only appearing in IE) in the padding of ol.MSelAnswer for the checkbox in JQuiz

v1.4 - css3_Facelift
- Added shadow on input:focus and textarea:focus
- Added rounded corners of timer

v1.3 - css3_Facelift
- Project renamed to css3_Facelift
- Fixed borders of textarea field in Chrome
- Added a shade of the NavBar color for NavBar border
- Added dropshadow for the NavBar

v1.2 - rounded corners + dropshadows
- Added rounded borders of dropdown select menus for JCloze dropdown output
- Added dropshadow on buttons
- Added dropshadow on draggable cards in JMatch
- Added rounded corners of Feedback box

v1.1 - rounded corners
- Added rounded corners of layout boxes
- Added rounded navigation buttons and function buttons
- Added rounded input fields and borders of textarea
- Added rounded corners of cards in JMatch drag and drop


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