About me

I'm Stan Bogdanov, the proud inventor of the Audio Crossword with HotPotatoes.
I use HotPotatoes a lot; and maintain this HotPotatoes Tutorials site in my free time.

I also support three other HotPotatoes related projects of mine - ported XHTML5 source files and the css3_Facelift which gives HotPotatoes very modern and stylish looks. I've also given a facelift to TextToys - Web Rhubarb and Web Sequitur and Quandary - with some css3.

I wear many hats. I'm an English Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Translator, Mentor and Mentor Trainer, freelance ICT (in language teaching) Trainer, HotPotatoes Trainer, and full-time husband, as well as father of two daughters.

Currently, I'm full-time faculty, Chief Assistant Professor, at the School of eLearning, Vocational and Continuing Education, New Bulgarian University (NBU), Sofia, Bulgaria. I teach on Cambridge Certificate Preparation courses, Action Research in Education, Language Teacher Re-Training (both INSET and PRESET) and Language localization (L10n, T10n).


You can find me on various social networks. For a start

Freelance work

· Teacher training projects

Watch this space!

Check my availability for a Teacher training project. I can also do some HotPotatoes training for you.

· Web design and development

I specialize in education-related Web design and development, though I don't say 'no' to other projects that come my way.


A presentation I gave February 16, 2013, PhD Section

Stan Bogdanov 2013 - Pedagogical Usability in eLearning Materials Development
from WinterSchool @ NBU on Vimeo.


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