Unit 9 Reading 1 The Tube

Read about the London Underground (the Tube). Are the statements 'True' or 'False'?

The Subterraneans - Life on London's Underground

London's Underground is a very strange place. Overcrowded, overpriced and underfunded, it is a metaphor for the nation's capital, a vast melting pot with the potential for lots of fun in interesting company: tramps who wet themselves, flirtatious encounters with complete strangers, a man who holds his breath between stops just to see if he can, the drunk businessman who vomits over the sober businessman at about 11.30 p.m., only to go back to sleep, ignorant of the chaos he has created. If not in a suit and not male, you are likely to be nudged and pushed around as though invisible.

My six-zone one-day travel card cost £3.80: a 30% increase - in real terms - on 1984's cost, according to the Capital Transport Campaign, a watchdog group. It is a daily reminder of why London is the most expensive capital in Europe for public transport and the third most expensive place in the world after New York and Tokyo, according to the Campaign's figures.