Unit 9 Grammar 1 Comparative and superlative degrees

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1: We form the comparative and supperlative degrees of one-syllable adjectives by adding (e)r and (e)st.
fast - faster - the fastest

2: We form the comparative and supperlative degrees of some two-syllable adjectives like narrow by adding (e)r and (e)st.
narrow - narrower - the narrowest

3: If the one-syllable adjective like big ends in a single consonant we double it.
big - bigger - the biggest

4: If a two-syllable adjective ends in y like dirty, we change the y to i and then add er and est.
dirty - dirtier - the dirtiest

happy - - the
5: Some adjectives (and adverbs) have irregular forms.
much / many - more - the most
good / well - better - the best
bad - worse - the worst
little - less - the least

6: We form the comparative and superlative degrees of longer adjectives with more and most.
reliable - more reliable - the most reliable

7: Equal comparison (not) so / as + adj. + as.
The blue dot is as/so big as the red dot.
The blue dot is not as/so big as the green dot.