Unit 3 Reading 1

Read the text and answer the questions.

What to wear on TV

Lisa Aziz, news presenter for the breakfast television programme, TV-am, talks about the clothes she wears on TV.

'Bright, warm colours like yellow and red are more cheerful early in the morning. I don't usually wear dark colours like black or navy blue.

There are also technical problems with some patterns and colours. For example, I can't wear striped, checked or white clothes on TV because they blur. Plain clothes are best.

All TV presenters get a clothes budget and I have a lot of jackets in different colours. We try to wear a different outfit every day.

I present news behind a desk, so people can only see my top half. I quite often read the news in a smart jacket and jeans!

I do not wear a lot of jewellery on television because I am allergic to most of it. I also think jewellery distracts the viewer from the news.'