Unit 2 Vocabulary 1 Plural of nouns

Study this!
We form the plural of nouns by adding -(e)s. (Uncountable nouns have no plural!)
1: If the noun ends in a consonant, we add s:
girl - girls, uncle - uncles, cow -

2: If the noun ends in y after a vowel, we add s:
boy - boys, play -

3: If the noun ends in y after a consonant,
we change the y to i and then add es: family - families,
dictionary - , baby -
4: If the noun ends in s, x, z, sh or ch, we add es
bus - buses, bush - bushes, buzz - buzzes,
box - boxes, match - matches

5: There are also irregular plural forms:
child - children, mouse - mice, foot - feet
man - men, woman - women, person - people
6: Most nouns ending in -fe change f to v:
wife - wives, knife - knives