15 Common Mistakes When Making HotPotatoes Exercises

What are they and how to avoid them?

I. Code, Tech, and Bad habits

#1 Copy-Paste

By far the most common mistake people make. Copy-Pasting, especially from MSWord, in any of the HotPotatoes retains the original formatting. As a result text that breaks to the next line also breaks in HotPotatoes because the line breaks are converted to <br /> tags. This may not be a big deal with text, but it does break the functionality when you Copy-Paste HTML or javascript code to insert, for example audio and video.


Facelift, no-Facelift, or both - Poll

The Hot Potatoes Add-ons on this site are all 'Facelifted'. Some discussion I've had suggested that there may be people who would prefer the add-ons with the old look of HotPotatoes, and I've decided to ask, although I'm reluctant to maintain two versions of each add-on. Hence, the poll.

Comments are welcome below the poll form.

Ethnography of HotPotatoes: Alan Hess Hacking for Special Education

For the past ten years that this site has been providing support and ideas, I've been amazed by the wonderfully various contexts and settings in which Hot Potatoes is used.

And while people have been coming and going, I'd like to preserve some of the knowledge in the hope that new users will have access to other peoples' experiences and good practices.

Grassroots language technology: Glenys Hanson, esl-exos.info Re-blogged

Glenys Hanson, an avid HotPotatoes user and a good friend of mine, I can proudly say, has recently been interviewed on EFL Notes sharing her experiences and mentioning my HotPotatoes Tutorials and add-ons site. Here I re-blog the interview.

Bug fixes in Audio crossword and Audio glosses add-ons

Audio Crossword v2 and Audio glosses v2 had a minor bug which affected all source files. Code was not inserted when the Subtitle field was not used. Additionally, there was some unnnecessary code - leftovers from the development stage.


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