Use of English

Task 1:: Fill each of the blanks in the passage with one suitable word.
Redesigning a garden can be a fascinating experience. Both the first-timer and the gardener confronted with a task are of bright hopes and grand ideas. Realising them is matter altogether, but great expectations certainly the basis of many fine creations. Inevitably, person's idea of what makes a good garden will from another's, and the best treatment for a particular piece of ground also have to take into regional differences in soil, climate and plant needs.

Most garden designers are agreed three requirements: function, appearance and harmony. A functional garden should its purpose and meet the of its owner. Appearance involves neatness, effective use of colour and a design which points of interest in keeping their surroundings. Harmony is achieved the garden is planned in relation to the house and surroundings. Although an attractive setting designing easier, gardens of great merit are found in differing environments.

In any case, the designer not be tempted to remove everything in sight and start again. from making a lot of unnecessary work, it is almost certain that the existing garden will have at least one good feature which is preserving.

Task 2:: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the sentence before it.
(a) But for his speedy action there would have been more casualties.
Hadn't there would have been more casualties.

(b) Emma managed to continue driving, in spite of her tiredness.
Tired , Emma managed to continue driving.

(c) People only learn the true value of life when they risk losing it.
Only learn the true value of it.

(d) Immediately after his arrival things went wrong.
No sooner .

Task 3:: Fill each of the blanks with a suitable word or phrase.
It was so quiet one a pin drop.
"My car is at whenever you wish."
He doesn't mind one way or the other; it makes him.