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 North Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland A wide range of good accommodation awaits you in Northern Ireland - and whatever you're planning to do, there will nearly always be (1) .

All tourist accommodation, down to the smallest B&B cottage, is inspected annually by the Tourist Board. (2) and every guesthouse is graded so you can be sure that the place you have selected is of an acceptable standard. Youth hostels (though not camping and caravan parks) are also inspected on a regular basis.

(3) in many forms. There are houses in deer parks on secluded estates, mansion flats in stately homes, island cottages, hostelling round the coast, camping amid delightful mountain scenery, and luxury cruises on the Fermanagh lakes.

The independent traveller will want to obtain a copy of Northern Ireland: Where to Stay which gives (4) including self-catering accommodation and camping parks.

If you prefer to make up (5) , take your accommodation queries to any tourist information centre and ask them to make an overnight reservation while you wait.

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A: Hotels are carefully classified
B: a choice of several comfortable places to stay
C: details of about 1,000 establishments
D: your itinerary as you go along and don't want to book before leaving home
E: traditional recipes using the finest local ingredients
F: Self-catering accommodation comes