A letter

Look at the letter from Julie to her friend, Claudia, who's a student in England. There are 25 gaps. Sometimes you have to choose the correct verb, sometimes a suitable word - an article, an adjective, a noun, etc. Press "Check" to check your answers.

Dear Claudia,
Thanks for your letter. I'm pleased that you're having a good time in York. How is the English course going? do lots of homework? What's your teacher like? Is he friendly? You write and tell me more!

I had wonderful time in Japan. My friend, Akiko, invited me with her family in Kyoto. Do you remember her? She's the girl visited me last summer. They have a house on a hill just outside Kyoto. There was a beautiful of the city from my bedroom window. Akiko's family were incredibly kind and hospitable, and wouldn't let for anything. We ate out a lot. Japanese is delicious - lots of vegetables, fish, and rice. The weather was really nice. It was warm and sunny, except on the last day, when it turned cloudy and chilly. I loved the temples and gardens - the autumn colours were quite spectacular: you some photos when I've had them developed. We went everywhere by train. I think Japan has trains in the world. They're always clean and never late!

I learn Japanese customs very quickly! In Japan you to wear your shoes in the house - you wear slippers the host provides. And you make a loud noise when you drink tea! (In fact, it's polite if you do!) I caught a cold while I was there, but I blow my nose in public as it's considered to be rude.

Tomorrow my mother and father to stay for a few days. I tidy the house before they arrive! Tomorrow evening to the theatre, and on Wednesday Ann has invited us all for a meal. Apart from that, I haven't made any plans - perhaps them for a drive in the country. Or we could go to Stratford and visit the house where Shakespeare was born.

Anyway, I stop writing now - it's nearly midnight and I've got an early start tomorrow. Write again soon and let me how you're getting on. Give my love to Frank when you see him.

Hope you soon!