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Read the short texts and complete the sentences.
The Italian architect, Giancarlo Zema, a director of the Semi-submerged Architecture Studio, located in London, specializes in semi-submerged architectonical structures. His Italian studio, Giancarlo Zema Design Group, located in Roma, has developed skills in marine parks, naval architecture and industrial design. This international studio is developing innovative floating and semi-submerged architecture.

Giancarlo Zema believes that in the next years architecture will be developing on water sites and people will be more and more living floating experiences. Here are some of his amazing projects.
Jelly-fish 45 is a luxury floating home with underwater view. This unit for 6 people, designed by the architect Giancarlo Zema, is 10m high with a 15m diameter. It is ideal to live in sea parks, atolls, bays and seas rich in flora and fauna. Jelly-fish allows to live either above or bellow sea level. It consists of five levels connected by a spiral staircase. The top level is 5.6m above the sea level. The globe at 3.0m under the sea lets anyone enjoy the submarine world.
Part yacht, part submarine, Trilobis 65 is the yacht of the future. It is a luxury 4 levels yacht, reaching 20m in length. A floating home with accomodation for 6 people. At 3m below sea level, totally submerged, there is the underwater observation bulb. Trilobis 65 is ideal for living in bays, atolls and maritime parks. This non polluting dwelling use hydrogen fuels.
Neptus 60 is a cliff-house habitat designed to live in harmony with nature. It allows you to completely enjoy the location of the cliff, to look at the sea and the underwater life. The 4 floors are connected by a winding staircase that overlooks the sea, and by a glass lift. The four main elements are the living area, a circular building anchored to the cliff. (It has a living room with a large terrace and a night time area), an observation deck hanging at 20 meters above sea level, a docking for little boats, and an underwater globe, a room at 10m below sea level.
The revolutionary Poseidon 180 Superyacht features Giancarlo Zema's ingenious design with spacious floating decks under a giant glass dome. Eight spacious staterooms await you inside with floor-to-ceiling panoramic ocean views. The interior of such yachts is a secret only revealed by appointment to prospective buyers.
Nymphaea Floating restaurant with underwater view is inspired by floating water plants with beautiful flowers. The circular structure (flower) of 18m in diameter is interrupted by a distribution of 15 circular elements (petals) in laminated wood. The restaurant is articulated on three levels connected by a staircase which goes up a cylindrical structure (pistil) that includes the lift and the air duct. The restaurant's ground-floor is composed of a floating space of 260m2 with a kitchen, storehouses, services and can hold 100 people. The first floor is characterised by a more private space composed of a small kitchen with a storehouse for the preparation of simple dishes and by an internal garden. This level can hold 50 people. The brise-soleil system enables to use the external area also in condition of strong insolation. The underwater floor at 4m below sea level can hold 25 people.
Frond Village 30, a semi-submerged village in Tahiti, offers a new floating experience. This artificial colony is composed of thirty floating dwelling units. All units are 70m2 with a circular structure as a palm leaf. The big leaf on the back side in laminated wood will be sun-moving as a sun flower and make an excellent mechanical beak sun. All units are on two levels connected by a spiral staircase. The main floor above sea level is for both day- and night-time. At 3m below the sea level, completely submerged, there is the underwater observation globe.
Lake Washington is a beautiful five acres artificial lake situated in a green park area and composed of several parts. One semi-submerged restaurant with 900 m2 structure distributed on 3 levels that seats 300 people. There is a big terrace for outdoor meals. The main attraction is a big hall 8m under the water level that allows marvellous 360 degree sights of underwater life. One dock area allows four Trilobis 65 dwelling units to stop and take supply of all the needs. Docking submarine for little two-places submarines used for underwater close observation. There are exposition and commercial areas too.
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