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A SONATA For Two Can Aid Your IQ
By Nigel Hawkes, Science Editor
1Listening to Mozart can significantly increase your intelligence,
2according to researchers in America. Unfortunately, the
3effect is temporary and only lasts about 15 minutes .
4Dr Frances Rauscher and two colleagues from the University of
5California reported the findings in the journal Nature. They asked
636 college students to undergo standard psychological tests
7after listening to a tape of Mozart's sonata for two pianos in D major.
8They found that the students did better after listening to this music
9than they did after hearing a ten-minute tape of instructions
10designed to make them relax, or ten minutes of silence. Although
11the researchers could offer no explanation for the finding, they
12said that there had long been a belief that people who are interested
13in music tend to perform better at intellectually demanding tasks.
14They believe that the beneficial effect depends on the complexity
15of the music played and they intend to try other compositions
16and musical styles to prove the point. They also plan further tests
17to see if listening for longer periods produces even greater effects.